What is Banksman: traffic marshal are the operators which are trained to direct the moment of the vehicle or  around site. Such operators are called traffic marshal.

Now the thing is that can we vehicles can be reserved by using the banksmen. The can only be reserved if banksmen are trained in a proper manner and are fully authorized. Banksmen should only be used if the other possible options cant work in a particular situation. It has a hierarchy in which segregation  ae placed at the top.

Now the thing is how to keep the Banksman safe. Following are the ways to keep the Banksman safe:

  • To make sure that they are trained properly and are competent enough to direct the vehicles in a proper direction.
  • To provide a position which is very much protected so that they can work and do their job in a safe manner.
  • The ‘hi viz’ clothing provided to them should be distinctive so that they can be identified properly.
  • To make the drivers aware that if they ae not able to see the Banksman then they should stop immediately.
  • To make them agree to go by following the standard signals.

Every year nearly about 50 people are killed and more than 5000 people get injured in the accidents which also involve the workplace transport. This is as per among all the most common causes are that the people get stuck in the vehicle by objects that fall in the vehicle or due to the overturning of the vehicle. The quarter of people die due to the vehicle getting reversed. Many of other vehicles involved in reversing doesn’t result in any injury but give result to lot of damage to vehicles equipments etc. So lot of the accidents can be avoided if the proper precautions are taken at time which will explained in the course.

Objectives of Traffic Marshal Course:

  • To keep the general health and keep the safety of the Traffic Marshal.
  • To keep the construction laws and regulations related to the Taffic Management.
  • To make it clear who should be allowed on the site
  • To keep the full safety of the vehicle which are accessed.
  • To keep the proper analysis of any kind of hazard
  • To build the proper risk management for directing the vehicles.
  • To identify properly the risk reversing of the vehicles.
  • To safeguard all the pedestrians and the people travelling while the vehicles is reversing
  • To demonstrate the HSE code of hand signals which is recommended by the HSE
  • To maintain the legal responsibilities and the obligations of all the employers and their employees.
  • To keep the personal protective equipment
  • To maintain the safety signs
  • To keep the proper planning for the use of vehicles.


The course will be conducted in the two ways:

Practical Assessment: in this part the person will be trained in how to direct the vehicle in a proper manner


In this part we make to understand the roles of  both driver and Banksman.