The Health safety and Environment Test
These are the types of Health, Safety and Environment Tests we have available in our CBA centre

  • HS &E test for Operatives
  • HS & E test for Managers and professionals
  • HS & E Specialist supervisors test
  • HS & E Specialist demolition test
  • HS & E Specialist plumbing or gas test
  • HS & E Specialist highway works test
  • HS & E Specialist working at height test
  • HS & E Specialist lifts and escalators test
  • HS & E Specialist tunnelling test
  • HS & E Specialist HVACR heating and plumbing services test
  • HS & E Specialist HVACR pipefitting / welding test
  • HS & E Specialist HVACR ductwork test
  • HS & E Specialist HVACR refrigeration and air conditioning test
  • HS & E Specialist HVACR services and facilities maintenance test

What is HS & E test and what is the test format?
The Health safety and Environment Test is the test that provides you with all the knowledge of
health, safety and environment issues and topics. The CITB HS&E Test makes sure that the workers
or people working on any construction site will have a minimum level of awareness about the site’s
health, safety and awareness.
The health and safety test is multiple choice questions type of test on the computer at your local
accredited testing centre.
Career Bridge Academy is your local accredited CITB test centre.

What is the duration of the HSE CITB test?
The Health, Safety & Environment test is 45 mins test. There will be 50 questions that candidate
have to answer, if the candidate passes the test, they will receive the pass certificate straight after
the test. The certificate is valid for 2 years to apply for your CITB card.

How can I prepare for the test?
We here at CBA, Career Bridge Academy provides you the in class one to one training with tutor or if
you want to self –study then you can purchase the official book or DVD online through CITB website.

ID Requirements
Please note you are required to bring a form of identification listed below bearing a photograph and
A valid passport of any nationality with a photograph of you and signature.
A valid UK only driving licence with your photograph and signature.

If a candidate does not have one of these he or she will need two items of valid ID (no more than 6
months out of date), one from List A and one from List B below:

List A List B
Non UK Driving Licence Credit Card
Passport without signature Debit Card
Work ID Card Paper Driving Licence
EU Country ID Card UK Travel Document
CITB Scheme Card Inland Revenue Card
Student ID Card ational Insurance Card / HMRC letter
Citizen Card B79 Notification of Discharge Letter
Bank Statement

Photocopies of ID will not be accepted.

Booking the test
You can book online by clicking on apply now or book over the phone by calling us.

Contact Us today or  REQUEST A CALLBACK  for more details of your CSCS Green Card Qualification.


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