The “Life in UK test” is generally conducted to know the aptitude of people applying for British visa under three categories:

  1. SELT A1 for spouses.
  1. SELT B2 for students visa.
  1. SELT B1 tests for British Citizenship & Indefinite Leave to Remain applicants.

Life in UK Test Preparation

We prepare applicants for above tests through our specialized courses, which generally last for a Week. Depending upon the background and profile of the candidates, our trainers are well adept in different languages (Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu) as medium of teaching.

The course material help students make themselves aware of the key facts regarding life in UK. With all the support and active guidance from our expert staff the preparation for life in UK test is really made simple. All the material required for test is provided under one roof, which is also taught in class in a visually presenting and understandable way. The only official book for the “Life in UK test” with the title “Life in the United Kingdom:A guide for New Residents”, 3rd edition (published by TSO), is not so comprehensive at individual level. So a special care has teen taken to make core concept crystal clear to an average individual.