At CBA ( Career Bridge Academy) we fit your IELTS preparation around your schedule. Study with us and benefit from our flexible timetables and highly qualified teachers.

We provide one to one IELTS teaching to students and professionals.  We provide best IELTS training in our centres in Southall , London , Birmingham , West Bromwich areas. We make sure that you will feel much more confident when taking the IELTS exam. Our teachers will provide you the hints , examples and tips to help you on the special areas of difficulty and improve your performance during the IELTS training programme.

We do separate IELTS training for Academic and general training modules.

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IELTS Preparation Programme from £100 . Book Now on  020 8090 4113 ( Southall London) 
IELTS Preparation Programme from £100 . Book Now on    079 148 10026 ( Birmingham) 

Our IELTS Training is very unique and especially designed for you. The training programme can cater for learners ranging from doctors, undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking to join university degree programmes.

  • Main focus on all modules listening, reading, writing and sBest IELTS Preparation Coursepeaking
  • Thorough overview of the test systematically and practice sessions
  • Mock Tests every week and weekly assessment.
  • We tailor the program to suit your specific needs
  • Special one to one training for weak students

Contact Us today or REQUEST A CALLBACK for more details of your IELTS training.


IELTS Course Structure:

  • This special IELTS exam preparation course has been designed by university teachers.
  • CBA Teachers also use the latest IELTS materials from previous exams to show exactly how the exam works.
  • There are regular IELTS exam practice tests. This may be the whole exam or a sample of questions.
  • You will learn the tips and techniques on how to approach each section, reviewing them in class and receiving feedback from the tutor.
  • Teachers regularly set homework for this course for students who want to maximise chances of exam success.
  • The IELTS exam is challenging so completing homework assignments will help to achieve your target IELTS score.

Come and Experience the difference of getting IELTS training at CBA.

What will the IELTS course cover?

We will give you step-by-step advice on how to get the highest possible score in 4 parts:



Vocabulary and Grammar; Practise Writing Essays, Reports, Graphs, Pie charts, Tables and Diagrams; learn how to organize a well composed piece of writing.  Get feedback from the teacher who will correct your essays.



Improve your confidence and fluency; learn techniques for individual presentations and group discussions; learn how to avoid common mistakes.



Learn listening strategies: listening for gist and listening for detail; listen to various natural English accents; learn to understand people talking at fast speed.



Learn time saving techniques – how to complete all exercises within a limited period of time; read authentic academic texts such as reports, essays and newspaper articles; study “skimming” and “scanning”, paraphrasing and summarising; learn how to deal with unknown vocabulary.

IELTS Learning Centres

London Branch ( Southall )
Unit-1, 97, Western Road, Southall UB2 5HN                                                                                   Tel:  020 884 301 58 or 078 0668 1738 
Birmingham Branch ( West Bromwich)
2 Lombard Street West ( Near High Street) , First Floor, West Bromwich , B70 8EH                         Tel:  0121 270 4558 or 079 148 10026