As Rightly Quoted by an Ancient Greek Philosopher “The direction in which education starts will determine a man’s future in life”. The Answer to This Question can make or break your Career.

Career Bridge Academy is a young and dynamic training company and the best of its kind, which offers comprehensive classroom preparation in vocational, skilled based courses to local communities, helping young people meeting their dreams.
At Career Bridge Academy, students are our Priority. We completely realize that each student is different from the other and obviously has different set of requirements. We have created unique content and methodologies that directly address the requirements to succeed in standardized tests. The company’s unique teaching methodology, founded on unlimited class sessions and small group sizes, is utilized by hundreds of students each month.
Career Bridge Academy provides training and courses to individual learners and in corporate sector.

  • Construction Courses
  • SIA Security Courses
  • Language Courses
  • Health & Social Care Training
  • IT Courses
  • Management Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Personal Development Training
  • CV Surgeries
  • Career Advice & Job Placements
  • Recruitment & Placement Services