A1 / A2 Spouse Visa Exam

Keeping into consideration the homogeneity of the United Kingdom, the concerned authorities (UKBA or United Kingdom border authorities) introduced the English language test for the spouses  of UK residents (wishing to migrate).

The UKBA update its policies from time to time regarding new rules and regulations depending upon the level of the test. The concerned training centres are aware of these policies and hence make applicants aware of the same. The proper guidance with right direction is the hallmark of the success.


  • Our qualified staff and friendly environment is ever ready to help you and your near ones to pass the A1/ A2 Exam with flying colors.
  • Our experienced language instructors make individual learning plans to suit all ages, levels, interests and learning needs.
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From 29 Nov 2010 onwards it has been made mandatory for spouses to pass the test of English language at basic level ( A1/ A2 Spouse Visa Exam).

Except for few exemptions like age, qualification, mental health of an applicant or some other humanitarian grounds (as decided by UKBA), all the applicants are required to take this test unless they are citizens of majority English speaking countries.


A1 / A2 Test Assessment

We will start with an initial assessment to find out what your current level of English is in order to identify the areas that you need to develop.

Once the assessment has taken place we tailor make a A1/ A2 Spouse Visa training plan that works for you. This combined with our best option pricing strategy means you get the great value for your hard earned money.

This is only the beginning of your journey to gain that much sought after visa, be it the British Citizenship, Indefinite leave to Remain or Visa Extension.

More Information about A1 / A2 Exam

The test is conducted by certain approved organisations (Cambridge, Trinity, ETS-Educational Testing Service) which are updated from time to time by UKBA. The above obligations (on the part of individuals wishing to join their partner or spouses oversees) are kept at minimal level with respect to their standards. The UKBA has taken necessary steps to make process simpler by keeping the level of test at A1 test standard of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Wherein the applicants are required to clear just  speaking and listening aspects of English language which are necessary for day to day activities.

Keeping in view the basic level of the test and proper guidance the preparation requires 60 to 70 hours of training at the maximum. As the tests are conducted only by accredited agencies in the concerned countries therefore applicants are required to approach the same. They can avail the assistance of centres helping them with preparations. Certain amount of fees is also charged for the whole process and the candidates are required to deposit the same every time they undergo the test (if they are not able to clear it in one go).